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  • Temporary Receptionist, Selkirk
  • Marketing Communications Manager, Selkirk
  • Finance Manager, Berwick upon Tweed
  • Temporary Legal Secretary, Galashiels
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Scottish Borders, East Lothian & North Northumberland

We meet 100% of all candidates we place. This is the most effective way to
determine the more subjective factors required to match personnel
to the position and your company .

Reiver Recruitment supplies temporary staff to a wide range of business in the Scottish Borders, East Lothian and North Northumberland. Some of the main benefits of using our temporary recruitment services:

  • Temporary workers can be used to fill in for core workers who are off on holiday, are off sick or who are on maternity leave.
  • Temporary workers can supplement your team during peak times when you may just need an extra pair of hands.
  • If you have a vacancy which could be on a permanent basis, employing a temporary worker allows you to assess before making it permanent.
  • We have candidates who can cover either part-time or full-time hours and you only pay for the hours that they work – no hidden costs involved!
  • We pay the temporary workers on a weekly basis. Our process also means that we are liable for the PAYE.
  • All applicants are fully tested for software knowledge
  • All applicants are reference checked to confirm their reliability and suitability

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QuotationWe started dealing with Reiver Recruitment in 2004, one year after the business was established. We have always found the service very professional, friendly and efficient with someone always available to deal with any issues that need Quotation to be resolved quickly.Helen Howden,
Personnel Manager, Mainetti UK