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Scottish Borders, East Lothian & North Northumberland

Our job is to find you the most suitable and best paid temporary work
available for as long a term as possible. Contracts can vary from a day to a year
and are often given at short notice.  Learn More »

Some of the main benefits of temping:

  • Provisional Assessment

Temping is a great way of trying out various companies and different working environments. This can be extremely useful if you are new to the area, or have not yet identified your chosen career path.

  • Flexibility

Temping allows you the flexibility to work when you want. You work to suit your own personal commitments. If you decide you only want to work part-time one week but full-time the following week – just let us know. Just advise us as to when you are available and we will do our best to assist you.

  • Expand Your Skills

Temping is a great way to expand your skills and software knowledge. Each assignment that you go on will add another string to your bow. In each workplace you will be doing something that can only enhance your skills and, in turn, your CV.

  • Networking

Temping is also a great way to meet new people.

  • Holiday Pay

Temporary workers are entitled to holiday pay, due to the introduction of the European legislation, the Working Time Directive. From the day you start working for us you start accruing holiday pay.

A tailored  SOLUTION

Our job is to find you the most suitable and best paid temporary work available, call us today to register

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QuotationI wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your incredibly professional services. I was most impressed by the way you dealt with my rather unusual background; particularly in obtaining appropriate references and dealing with Quotationend clients on my behalf. Ruth Brown